Step 1

Connect the pipes together using the ecotube seal

Step 2

Make sure to use foam insulation inside the wall and arround the wall sleeve

we are not responsible for any obstacle that may arise. Please check the Building Act for further measures.

Kitchen counter / Kitchen island

Core bore holes

Important planning instructions:

The minimum distance of 50 mm from the front edge of the worktop to the worktop cut-out is a recommendation from BORA.

Example drawings

RØRPAKKE 1.     with air flow towards the back, flat

RØRPAKKE 2.     with air flow towards the back, round

RØRPAKKE 3.     with air flow towards to left in the floor, same as ex. in the plinth

RØRPAKKE 4.     with air flow towards the right upper edge

RØRPAKKE 5.     with air flow towards the back and up with round pipe

RØRPAKKE 6.     with air flow towards the left in the basement